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Charity Run for People with Disabilities

At this special sporting event there is no opposition, only togetherness
and for each other. Everyone can take part, whether young or old, with or without a disability, top athletes and amateur runners.

All participants start with the same chances. The proceeds, which increase with each lap completed, benefit people with disabilities. Run together, work together for a good cause.

Find sponsors for your rounds beforehand and just come along. Registration takes place in the cafeteria next to the stands. You may run during the day or at night and enjoy being on the move for a good cause.

At the end you will receive a diploma and a small award. We look forward to your coming and assure you, that your sporting commitment, combined with a donation to the Pro Infirmis sponsorship fund, will help improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

6, 12, 24 and 48 hour runners can also run for people with disabilities. Use the information to find out “what to do” and bring your sponsorship leaflet to our tent before you start. We will then take the information about your run from the rating of the 6,12 or 24 hour run.

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